Sundays at Original PJ’s Pizza

Sundays at Original PJ’s Pizza Have Gotten Even Better!

Last year, original PJ’s pizza started opening for Sundays year round instead of just during football season. We have had great response from customers and the community!

The only problem? People want their pizza earlier!

In response to many requests, we have decided to start opening at 11:30am. Now everyone can get lunch and their pizza for the 1pm football games. We started opening at 11:30am during the first week of September to see if it was truly something that people were interested in and boom! Here we are. The overwhelming answer is New Martinsville and the surrounding towns want the Sunday pizza lunch!

In addition to being open earlier, Original PJ’s Pizza has now introduced online ordering. Don’t spend extra time trying to get through on the phone on a busy night. Just go to to start ordering right away! You will find our entire menu and exclusive specials only available when ordering online. If you just want to check out the current menu you can find it at  Want download a PDF version of the take out menu? Click right here!

Thanks for being our customer!

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