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Original PJ’s Pizza Has 5 New Pizzas!

Original PJ’s Pizza Has 5 New Pizzas!

Feeling adventurous? Let us introduce you to our new pizzas! We now have the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza. The name pretty much tells you what’s going on! Then we have the new Kickin’ Chicken with our amazing and Kickin’ Buffalo Sauce and tender chicken and also our new tangy BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Changing pace from our new chicken offerings, we have the Cheeseburger Pizza. No kidding, it actually tastes like a cheeseburger. From the American Cheese to the Seasoned Beef and Pickles, you can go wrong with an American favorite turned into mouth watering pizza!

Last but not least is the MEATZILLA. Are you ready to take on this monster of a pizza? With 6 different meats, pepperoni, hand pulled sausage, bacon, seasoned beef, salami, and ham, you better have your big boy pants on to try this one!

Afraid to commit to a whole new pizza? These are available in a small or you could do half and half! Any way you try them, we are sure that these new menu items put together by our employees will quickly become your new favorites!

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